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Early Decision Special for First-Time Starters

This is a limited time offer for students wanting to apply Early Decision to their first-choice university for admission to the freshman class of Fall 2018. Early Decision requires that students submit an application to just one college/university, and accept an admissions offer to attend (assuming financial aid needs are met).  

The Starting Gate Early Decision plan begins on September 1 and concludes on the 2017 Early Decision deadline of December 1. It includes ten hours of support that can be distributed weekly or clustered in blocks based on student needs.  

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Each starter receives a customized plan of their race to map their college search and complete the application process. This plan includes some or all of the following services:

  • Initial interview with student and parents to establish foundation for plan based on student goals, needs, and talents.
  • Administration of “gifts and talents” testing to helping students determine academic and career interests.
  • Review of SAT/ACT/TOEFL test options and strategies, referral to practice tests, advice on the timing of tests, and review of test-optional admissions.
  • Creation of a master college list comprised of schools from three tiers of admissions rigor. This list takes into account student grades, test scores, academic and personal interests, athletic and extracurricular interests, as well as preference for school size and distance from home.
  • Preparation for college interviews and campus visits.


  • Creating, revising, and refining an application strategy as the student works through the college discovery process.
  • Overseeing the student through the actual application process. This includes reviewing all applications before they are submitted, including the Common Application and individual college applications.
  • Guidance on completion of FAFSA forms and other college-based financial aid forms.
  • Brainstorming with the student on themes for application essays and supplements.
  • Helping students select from acceptance offers.
  • Assisting with college course selection and other transitional issues that arise during the summer prior to freshman year.

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Why Hire an Independent College Consultant

Helping students and their families through all aspects of the college transition process is my mission. As your trainer, I work independently of colleges, universities and your school guidance counselor. I provide personalized attention and respond with unbiased, objective guidance and information. Students lead this process and are encouraged both to stretch for more competitive colleges, and to balance with appropriate schools offering better chances for admission.



Starting Gate Can Create a Difference

Our individualized attention and guidance can ease the transition from high school to college
and help your high school grad discover the college and career that is right for them.

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